Protection against zero-day and advanced persistent threats

No List Management or Signature Updates

Application security solutions save time and lower costs using a dynamic trust model, local and global reputation intelligence, and real-time behavioral analytics.

Stop Unwanted Applications

Block unauthorized executable files, libraries, drivers, Java apps, ActiveX controls, scripts, and specialty code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices.

Protect Fixed-function, Legacy, and New Systems

Safeguard older operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, and XP as well as newer operating systems like Microsoft Windows 10.

Reduce Risks from Unauthorized Applications and Code

Know the reputation of every file and application in your environment and categorize them as good, bad, and unknown.

Reduce Patch Cycles and Protect Memory

Maintain regular patch cycles and prevent whitelisted applications from memory buffer overflow attacks on Windows 32- and 64-bit systems.

Balance Protection and Performance

Additional detection engines, including signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation, reduce the number of files requiring more resource-intensive malware sandbox analysis.

Product features

Default Deny Whitelisting

Allow software execution based on an approved whitelist or authorization by trusted channels.

Detect and Deny Whitelisting

Allow software execution through signature-less reputation verification.

Verify and Deny Whitelisting

Allow the execution of applications that are verified by sandbox testing.

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